I wake up every day,
As happy as can be,
Because I know that
with God’s care
My apple trees,
they will still be there.
The Lord is good to me.

The Gray Center's conference center offers meeting facilities, a cozy inn, and welcoming cottages ideal for families or groups in need of a spiritual retreat, a learning experience, a chance to connect with nature and one another, or time to relax and recharge.

THE CENTER HOSTS clergy retreats, liturgical arts conferences, training sessions, and gatherings of groups associated with the Episcopal Church and other denominations.

ORIGINALLY CONSTRUCTED IN 1991, the conference center facilities have served this purpose well for more than a quarter-century, but they are in dire need of updating.

Renovated facilities will not only provide a better experience for guests, but will also expand the Gray Center’s role as a place of ministry.

THE 24 GUEST ROOMS IN THE INN have become outdated and worn and no longer reflect the welcoming spirit of the Gray Center. The Seeds You Sow campaign will provide updates to the lodging rooms, including new furnishings, updated bathrooms, new flooring, more efficient heating and air-conditioning, and other improvements.

MORE THAN JUST COSMETIC ENHANCEMENTS, this investment in the Gray Center facilities represents an investment in the Gray Center’s guests. Visitors who step into a welcoming, well-appointed facility will feel positive and valued, and will be even more receptive to the transformative power of a Gray Center conference or retreat.

THROUGH THE SEEDS YOU SOW CAMPAIGN, the Gray Center will continue to refresh and empower lay people and clergy as they grow in discipleship and serve a world in desperate need of the love and grace of Christ.

Conference Center Enhancements • Phase 1
• Renovations to guest rooms in the inn, including modern bathrooms, enhanced lighting, updated furnishings and flooring, better sound insulation, and new heating and air-conditioning units
• Increased accessibility for guests with disabilities

Future Enhancements Included in the Master Plan
• Enhancements to interior and exterior community areas and gathering spaces
• Improvements to internal flow and better use of the scenic lakefront
• Addition of a new meeting center capable of hosting multiple groups at the same time
• New lodging for leadership
• Cosmetic enhancements to the Gray Center’s three freestanding cottages
• Development of a new maintenance facility to serve the entire Gray Center property

The Seeds You Sow | The Campaign for Camp Bratton-Green and the Gray Center
The Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi
The Rt. Rev. Brian R. Seage, Bishop of Mississippi
601.948.5954 • brseage@dioms.orgwww.graycenter.org