I wake up every day
As happy as can be,
Because I know
the Lord is there
Watching over all
my friends and me
The Lord is good to me.

For more than 50 years, children and adults with special needs have come to Camp Bratton-Green for a week or weekend that allows them to be something other than “different,” an experience that focuses not on their disabilities, but on their many abilities as human beings created in the image of God.

CAMP BRATTON-GREEN WELCOMES children and adults with physical or mental disabilities to weeklong camps called Camp Able, formerly known as Special Sessions. These camps are driven by dignity. Campers have the freedom to choose the activities in which they will participate, from jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool to quiet time spent with friends, from relaxing in a rocking chair to taking the stage on talent night, where performances include everything from singing and dancing to making a bed.

COUNSELORS WHO SERVE AT CAMP ABLE connect with a community of people who have spent much of their lives being overlooked, underestimated, and marginalized. These counselors – many of whom are teenagers – develop a new understanding of the definition of dignity that translates to life beyond camp. Young people who serve here realize that every human being, no matter his or her status in the world, deserves to be treated with respect.

THESE SPECIAL SESSIONS also off er a welcome respite for parents and guardians. With their campers well cared for at Camp Bratton-Green, these full-time caregivers have the opportunity to rest and recharge, to take a vacation of their own, or simply to enjoy some much-needed time off.

FOR THOSE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS and their families, Camp Bratton-Green is an escape from the diffi culties of daily life, an opportunity to exercise independence, and a fun-fi lled adventure, all in one. It’s little wonder that campers often return home and immediately begin counting down the 364 days until they can return.

For campers with disabilities, the enhancements to Camp Bratton-Green are more than just comforts or conveniences.

CLIMATE CONTROL CAN BE VITAL to regulating medical conditions or keeping sensitive medical equipment operating efficiently.

AN ACCESSIBLE SWIMMING POOL, cabins, and dining facilities will grant campers with disabilities newfound freedom in navigating the property, and for some campers, may be the deciding factor in being able to experience summer camp or remaining at home.

UPGRADING THE GRAY CENTER FACILITIES to be ADA-compliant is a testimony to the respect with which the Episcopal Church regards those with disabilities and the value the church places upon every human being.

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